Use of the CVS server

Now that our cvs repository is fully operational I am posting instructions for its use here. I wouldn't recommend following the instructions provided by sourceforge in the cvs section. They seem to be complex and did not work too well for me. The following instructions have been tested on linux systems using bash. No guarantees are made. All commands will be enclosed in 'single quotations.' Please do not type the quotations
To start, type:
'export CVS_RSH=ssh' (you must have ssh installed prior to this) 'export'
Now you must make a directory that will contain the development tik directory and all of its files. I suggest something like ~/tikdevel/. Once you are in that directory type 'cvs co tik' (stands for cvs checkout tik). It will ask for your sourceforge password. When done you have the latest cvs download of TiK to code away on. Its only difference with a tarballed TiK is that every directory in the cvs TiK contains a CVS directory.
'cvs update' merges the repository's changes with yours on your hard drive.
Once you have finished it is necessary that you 'cvs update' again to make sure no new changes have taken place. When done and you are ready to submit your changes, type 'cvs commit' to commit your changes to the repository. your default text editor will pop up for you to type a comment. type a quick summary of what you did.
If it is necessary for you to add a file to TiK that is currently not in the repository a special step must be taken. 'cvs add filename'. For example, adding the new buttons i drew for the button bar required me to type 'cvs add media/italic.gif' and so on. Good luck with cvs.