Other Utilities for TiK

This is where you will find other utilities for TiK that are not available in Package form. Some of these may be implemented within TiK in the future.

The following utilities are currently available on this site:

Buddyc -- a bash utility to convert win32 buddy lists into a format usable by TiK
Taken from the README:
04/08/99 buddyc is provided "as is" with no warranty. The exact terms under which you may use and (re)distribute this program are detailed in the GNU General Public License, in the file COPYING. buddyc - REAME buddyc was originally written by Michael F. Brown and released under the GPL. The initial version is 0.10 and converts AOL Instant Messanger (tm) buddy list files for different clients. The current version only supports converting from the standard Microsoft Windows (tm) version of AIM to a file format readable by the tik.tcl version of AIM generally run on UNIX platforms. This version also supports converting the opposite way from tik.tcl format to Windows format. From what I have read, the gaim client also uses the same file format as tik.tcl. to install simply run ./install as root all bug reports shoule be sent to mbrown@cs.uml.edu. since I dont know how to make man pages, I included the help in this file. This can also be gotten doing a buddyc -h. enjoy. # # NAME # buddyc - Aol Instant Messenger Buddy list format converter # # SYNOPSIS # buddyc [-h] [-v] [-w] listfile # # DESCRIPTION # buddyc converts a buddy list in Windows Aim or Tik format # and converts it to the other and sends the conversion to # stdout. By default, buddyc will convert a list in windows # format to Tik format. # # -w # Convert a Tik formatted buddy file to a windows formatted file. This # automatically appends a return character before each newline at the end # # -v # Display current version information and quit. # # -h # Display this help message and quit # # DIAGNOSTICS # Normally, exit status is 0 if no errors occured. Otherwise an # appropriate error message is printed to stderr and an exit status # of 1 is returned. # # EXAMPLES # 1. to convert a buddy list in windows format to Tik format, and save to # a new file called screenname.config: # $ buddyc buddy.lst > screenname.config # # 2. to convert a buddy list in Tik format to windows format, and save to # a new file called buddy.lst: # $ buddyc -w screenname.config > buddy.lst # # BUGS # Email bug reports to mbrown@cs.uml.edu. # # AUTHOR # buddyc was written by Michael F. Brown (mbrown@cs.uml.edu) #