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Note: TiK 0.83 and up requires Tcl/Tk 8.1 or up
You can download Tcl/Tk 8.3 at
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contains important information about this revision.

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Mon Jun 25 20:50:03 PDT 2001
w00t! 0.90 is finally out, as i sigh a large sigh of relief... the closest it actually gotten to being vaporware was being named an inert gas (radon) at one point during its development :). i've not much to say right now, but it's finally out, it has some nice refinements... some stuff's fixed, some stuff's probably broken... i hope it's all good. be sure to check out the changelog... i believe it's the longest one TiK's ever had! sorry for the wait, we've all been busy. hopefully the next release won't take another year!

Tue Jul 25 18:14:11 PDT 2000
We're still alive! Just very busy lately. TiK 0.89 is now out, featuring gui preferences (it writes tikrc/pre files, etc), tooltips (balloon help), and some other fixes. See the Changelog and the TODO. Hopefully future versions will come out much more quickly. We hope you feel this version was worth the wait.

Thu Jun 15 21:37:17 PDT 2000
Sorry for the lack of updates. Mengmeng is in China right now, I've been busy with finals, and I'm sure the other developers had preoccupations of their own. We're still here and, now that summer vacation is here, too, TiK's development will accelerate.

The big news is that AOL will open the AIM protocol. Read the details over at We will work hard to implement the new features and make TiK even better!

We need to hear more suggestions for TiK and more contributions. Post to the suggestions area in the forum. Also, we're looking for translators and package authors. See Again, we're sorry for the pause in activity. We're back at speed now.

Mon May 22 21:15:40 PDT 2000
TiK 0.87 has been released, now with a nifty remote administration package. Have fun!

Sun May 08 00:00:00 PDT 2000
TiK 0.86 is out, including many new features and improvements. It likes Tcl/Tk 8.0 a little bit more, too. New in this version is the 'getaway' get away message package, and the remote control package (more to be done with it for 0.87).

Sun Apr 30 10:15:10 PDT 2000
TiK 0.85 now notifies the user if they are using an unsupported Tcl/Tk and continues to work, but without the extended features. Meanwhile, rew is cooking up a new web page to replace this one. Have fun with the new TiK.

Mon Apr 24 07:32:16 PDT 2000
Urk. Having lots of technical difficulties with my connection and its connectivity with sourceforge. sourceforge seems quite slow... but, anyway TiK 0.84 is out. please see the CHANGELOG
We're truly sorry for not releasing more public builds. We basically got carried away with improving and fixing this version, but the wait is worth it. We'll try to release a little more often from now on :)

Wed Apr 06 12:06:15 PDT 2000
After much ado TiK 0.83 has been released! We're sorry for the long wait but it was definitely worth it. This new TiK includes full font size and face support, a button bar, graphical buttons, and much, much more. See the CHANGELOG for more information. There are a few caveats, however. Along with an improved path handling system and per-user packages, some old TiK packages do not work correctly with it (particularly Brian Lalor's Weather package). We are sorry to report that, because Weather is not under the GPL, we are not allowed to patch and distribute it. Hopefully we will come to a conclusion soon or will post instructions on how to modify packages to work with the new TiK. Many other packages work by default. TiK now also requires Tcl/Tk 0.81 or above, available from This is mainly because of some regexp fixes in tiktools.tcl. If you have problems with anything or have any suggestions please post in the forum in the TiK devlopers area.

Mon Mar 27 12:17:53 PST 2000
I've released 0.83pre2 as a devel release. you can play with it if you want. Among some other things it adds on font support and a button bar (by no means complete, i'm still working on it). It seems that activity in the forum and bug tracking section has gone down. hopefully this is only temporary. I also find it interesting that linuxberg already has our latest 0.82 up for grabs. That was pretty cool. has anyone submitted this to linuxberg or did they find us out by themselves? we didn't even announce it on freshmeat.
Lastly, the cvs server is up and running perfectly. i ask that all development be done using the cvs server as opposed to the public or devel releases. It really makes things much easier. I've included instructions at the top on how to use the cvs server.

Thu Mar 23 00:22:21 PST 2000
0.82 has many visual enhancements (new logo, new away icon, idle icon), new features, and some important bug fixes. The logo can be seen on the top of this page. Isn't it pretty? :)

Mon Mar 20 23:41:01 PST 2000
0.81 mostly fixes the bugs in the new features. It's definitely worth an upgrade. see the changelog. see it run. run, changelog, run....ok that was unnecessary. i've got to get away from the comput--

Mon Mar 20 13:46:37 PST 2000
0.80.2 Controls the whiteness and button relief in the tikpre file, adds MZhang's imcapture timestamps, and fixes some more URL's. See the changelog for more info. CVS....I'm working on it, I'm working on it...

Mon Mar 20 02:16:16 PST 2000
TiK 0.80.1 fixes some stuff in 0.80. See the changelog for more info. You should probably go ahead and upgrade to this one. Meanwhile, i plan on having the cvs repository ready tomorr--err today. When the sun comes up :)

Sat Mar 18 20:28:01 PST 2000
TiK 0.80 is up. It's an amalgam of Nas' TiK 0.80 (which comprised of mostly visual enhancements) and Mushy's Tiktools. Oddly, the CVS server seems to be having problems at times, but it will probably get fixed soon. We are also posting our updates on for the entire Linux community to enjoy.

Fri Mar 17 22:11:00 PST 2000
This TiK site and Sourceforge development area are up and running. I'll continue to update these areas.

Time has been tik'ing away since aol last promised to update tik (should have been done early december 1999). nothing has happened. In fact, things have only gotten worse. aol's official TiK site has been completely removed, leaving us with nothing. There still is interest in developing TiK, but a central place to do so is necessary. I feel that this Sourceforge site is just what is needed to help tik reach its potential.